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Control Sales helps OEM engineers deliver next generation technology to the market. As representatives of leading manufacturers, we provide the best in class electronic and electromechanical products and services. Our comprehensive line card permeates through sub-system component design layers and provides innovative design and manufacturing solutions.

We have been operating in the Illinois and Wisconsin territory for over 47 years. I have been president and owner since 2015 and Diana Nawrocki joined as executive vice president and partner in 2020. Diana and I are both second generation manufacturers’ representative owners, having merged our previous firms with Control Sales. Together with our team, we offer extensive industry experience and enthusiasm for the rep model.

Our salespeople work closely with our manufacturers’ engineering teams to provide exceptional design assistance and inventive solutions. At Control Sales, you will find technical businesspeople passionate about the electronics industry and collaborative selling. Whether you’re an engineer, buyer, or distributor, we’re looking forward to working with you to navigate the modern supply chain decision-making process.

The experience and training of our team is fundamental to serving our OEM customers as trusted electronics advisors and business partners. We are active members of the ERA and the ECIA, both organizations supporting our commitment to employee training and best practices in management, sales, and information technology. Our cloud-based CRM is fully integrated into our sales process, from sourcing leads to managing forecasts. We rely on information gathered from advanced data analytics to better serve our customers and manufacturers.

I believe the electronics industry is in the middle of dramatic revitalization with unique opportunities for innovation and growth. Supporting the next generation of electronics technology in our territory is a privilege. If you want to learn more about how Control Sales can help you reach your goals, I would like to hear from you!

Kingsland Coombs
President, Control Sales, Inc.



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CRM Manager
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Inside Sales
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Office Support

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Director of Distribution


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Phone: (262) 797-9500 Fax: (262) 797-0784

John Ivey
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