Orion Fans: Harsh Environment Thermal Management Solutions

July 30th, 2021

Harsh environment applications exist across many conditions including underwater, moisture, corrosive, extreme temperature ranges, dust/sand, shock, and even constant G force. These conditions are often categorized as extreme temperature, chemical, particulate or mechanical, and they can create thermal issues for design engineers.

Watch our product training module (featured above) for more insight into how Orion Fans products exceed the capabilities of industry-standard fans and provide engineers with solutions for harsh environments.

Want to know more about Harsh Environment Thermal Management products? Watch the video here or see the full line of harsh environment products at orionfans.com.

ITT Cannon’s Tin Zinc J Plating – The RoHS and REACH Compliant Cadmium Replacement

July 30th, 2021

ITT Cannon’s Tin Zinc J Plating is an ultra-harsh environment formulation that meets or exceeds the VG (German Military) performance requirements of cadmium. It is a highly conductive (< 5m ohm) and corrosion-resistant (500 hours static / 5 days cyclic salt spray) matt grey, non-reflective solution.

Learn more at ittcannon.com

New Luminus FAQ and Applications Page Creates Online Connection

July 23rd, 2021

Light for Living | Light for Working – Our latest newsletter just released with links to your FAQs and our new product offerings. https://lnkd.in/gCKcb_z

TDK 1.4 to 3W DC-DC converters operate from a 12V input and provide very low noise output voltages of up to 2,000V

May 26th, 2021

TDK Corporation announces the introduction of the high voltage output CHVM series of DC-DC converters. Capable of operating from a nominal 12V input, these non-isolated converters deliver output voltages ranging from 180V to 2,000V. Low output ripple and noise is achieved through the use of a metallic case that provides five-sided shielding to reduce radiated emissions. The CHVM has been designed for use in noise sensitive applications, including photomultiplier tubes, photodiodes, scanning electron microscopes, X-ray fluorescence spectrometers, mass spectrometers and ultrasonic probes.

Learn more at us.lambda.tdk.com

Simplify Daisy-Chaining with Mill-Max Spring-Loaded Pins

May 26th, 2021

Mill-Max has developed a versatile line of horizontal surface-mount (HSMT) spring-loaded pins designed for making low profile connections parallel to the board surface. These spring-loaded pins have plunger travel in-line with the board surface, making them ideal for end-to-end board connections in assemblies with restrictive height requirements.

Learn more at mill-max.com

Spotlight: ITT Cannon’s New NetSplice Kit

May 14th, 2021

ITT Cannon’s new NetSplice kit offers easy-to-install splices for repairing cables on military and commercial aircraft systems. This innovative, lightweight and cost-effective solution uses standard wiring tools to splice together damaged cables used in data transfer and RF applications.

TDK Corporation Introduces the 750W Rated i7A Non-Isolated DC-DC Converters

May 14th, 2021

Capable of operating from an input voltage of 18V to 32V, the step-down converters deliver an output voltage that can be adjusted from 3.3 to 18V with an output current of up to 45A. The series has been optimized for a 24V nominal input and weighing just 25g, is intended for use in a wide range of applications including robotics, drones, medical, communications, industrial, test, measurement and battery powered equipment.

Learn more at us.lambda.tdk.com

Mill-Max Introduces A New Series of Open Receptacles Designed to Make Mechanical Key Switches Hot-Swappable

May 14th, 2021

Mill-Max has recently developed a new series of open bottom, low profile, solder mount receptacles specifically designed to make your mechanical key switches hot-swappable. The new 3305-X  is designed to be soldered into a .060” (1,50mm) minimum mounting hole, with an ultra-thin retention shoulder so plugged-in components sit nearly flush to the board surface. The open bottom design is meant to accommodate varying lead lengths making this a very versatile receptacle.

Learn more at mill-max.com

C&K Launches Low-Profile Tactile Switch For Wearable Devices

May 3rd, 2021

C&K, has developed a miniature SMT tactile switch designed for wearable and portable IoT devices. The PTS847 Series side-actuated tact switch combines a space-saving design with heightened durability to handle drop-impacts common to consumer devices.

At only 4.6 mm x 2.2 mm x 2.6 mm, the PTS847 Series features an edge mount configuration that raises a mere 0.95 mm above the PCB for valuable PCB saving and customer system space saving. Supporting 200K cycles, the low profile SMT switches are commonly used in wearable and IoT devices including sport watches, hearing aids, health monitoring devices, Bluetooth accessories and more

Learn more at ckswitches.com

Sensata Introduces 4000 Series High Accuracy RTD Temperature Sensor Probes

April 29th, 2021

4000 Series probes deliver high accuracy, fast response time temperature measurements in an IP69K housing with silicon jacketed
wire, making them applicable for a wide range of temperature sensing applications.

• Highly accurate PT1000 RTD (Class AA)
• 5.9mm diameter brass probe
• IP69K
• -40 to 85°C operating temperature range
• 100nF Capacitor for electrical noise
• Outer polyolefin heatshrink
• RoHS compliant

Learn more at sensata.com