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ITT Cannon: In-Depth




ITT Cannon

Control Sales is the Authorized Manufacturers’ Representative for ITT Cannon products in Illinois and Wisconsin. ITT Cannon, part of ITT Interconnect Solutions/ITT Corporation, is a world leader in the design and manufacture of highly engineered connector solutions. ITT Cannon products include circular connectors, D-shape connectors, electric vehicle connectors, fiber optic products and rectangular connectors available for standard and custom design requirements. For over 25 years, Control Sales has helped engineers design ITT Connectors into wide-ranging applications across industrial, transportation, medical, aviation and defense markets. For a complete list of ITT Cannon products, go to For a list of distributors of ITT Cannon products, click here.

ITT Cannon APD Series Connectors

ITT Cannon APD Series connectors are a versatile range of full plastic direct, in-line and bulkhead connectors. The APD Series is the connector of choice in industrial applications that require harsh environment solutions while needing a product that is both small in size and light in weight.


  • Covers a wide range of 1 and 2-way power solutions up to 51-way interface connectors, special sensor or PCB type versions, and a flexible platform.
  • Meets harsh environment requirements like resistance to engine, transmission or brake fluids, high sealing grades up to IP69K, or vibration requirements.


  • Sensors
  • ABS brake control
  • Valve actuators
  • Magnetic vehicle control systems
  • Vehicle-use monitoring equipment

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ITT Cannon ARINC 600 rack and panel connectors are designed to meet strict standards for aerospace applications. These higher density connectors place more and more emphasis on the need to protect critical electronic systems from EMI, voltage transients and voltage surges at the connector interface.


  • An ARINC 600 Filter provides the highest density pin outs
  • The highly robust TBKAD Filter connector version provides the system-level EMI protection in the most effective way, as the box interface.


  • Commercial Aviation
  • In-Flight Entertainment/Connectivity
  • Industrial

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ITT Cannon Combination
D-Subminiature Connectors

ITT Cannon Combination D-subminiature connectors offer the advantages of an industry standard shield I/O interconnect, with the flexibility of a customized special, designed for any application.


  • Ideal for applications that require optimization of space while improving overall shielding
  • Combines multiple interconnect types into one fully shielded product, decreasing the number I/O interfaces and reducing the possibility of EMI/RFI leakage


  • Aerospace, Defense, Industrial, Transportation
  • Video Coaxial Transmission (75Ω)
  • RF and Telecom Transmission (50Ω)
  • Power Interconnects (Up to 40A)

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ITT Cannon CTC Series

ITT Cannon CTC Series connectors are environmentally sealed cable-to-cable interconnects offering a high performance, cost effective, cable-to cable solution for use in harsh environment applications where reliable signal circuits are critical to operating performance.


  • Extremely simple to install and maintain
  • Up to IP69K sealing with positive locking latch
  • Utilizes Trident stamped and machined contacts


  • Heavy equipment, agriculture, truck and bus, automotive
  • Commercial/industrial outdoor electronics

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ITT Cannon RPR EN4165-Style 

ITT Cannon’s RPR EN4165-style connector with PCB contacts offers innovative design and cost efficiency while retaining high speed data transfer performance in commercial aircraft systems.


  • Compact and lightweight featuring a composite construction
  • Cost effective by housing a monoblock insulator and integral PCB contacts
  • Intermateable with other EN4165 plugs from current suppliers


  • Advanced, higher speed data transfer rates in commercial aerospace in-flight entertainment and avionic systems

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MKJ Clip Lock (MKJ CL) Miniature Circular Connectors

ITT Cannon’s MKJ Clip Lock (MKJ CL) miniature circular connector is smaller, lighter and features an innovative clip lock latching system. A mil-style connector with a proven snap on positive lock dimension that is both robust and competitively priced.


  • Easy-to-use and install with quick connect clip lock feature
  • Positive latch or breakaway options
  • Multiple keying options prevent mismating with 6 clocking positions


  • Avionics and cabin systems
  • Soldier-worn communications

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ITT Cannon CTC Series

The CTC Series is a high performance, cost effective, cable-to cable solution for use in harsh environment applications where reliable signal circuits are critical to operating performance. Watch the video to learn more.

ITT Cannon MKJ Mini-Circular Featuring NEW MKJ Clip Lock

At half the size and weight of traditional military grade interconnects, Cannon’s MKJ Series of Miniature Circular Connectors enable the transmission of signal, power and data without sacrificing performance or reliability. For more, watch the video.

ITT Cannon RPR Modular Solution

Cannon’s RPR is a modular, EN4165-style rectangular interconnect for the commercial aerospace market. Comprised of shells, plates and inserts packaged in a lightweight, space saving design, it enables high speed data, signal integrity and secure connectivity in avionics and in-flight entertainment applications. Watch the video to learn more.

ITT Cannon ARINC 600 for High-Speed, Data-Driven Applications

Rack & Panel interconnects enable high-speed, data-driven applications that improve the passenger experience. Watch the video to learn more.

ITT Cannon D-Subminiature Connectors

Ideally suited for both commercial/industrial applications and military/aerospace applications, ITT Cannon D-Subminiature connectors have found worldwide acceptance in a multitude of applications ranging from office equipment to satellites. Watch the video to learn more.

ITT Cannon APD Connectors Series for Harsh Environments

The combination of small size and high power make ITT Cannon’s APD Series Connectors an ideal solution for many applications. Watch the video to learn more.