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Airpax – Sensata

Sensata – Airpax manufactures hydraulic magnetic circuit breakers & protectors, power switches & modular power distribution systems.

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APM Hexseal

Complete range of sealing solutions. Covers for toggle, pushbutton, lever, rotary, electric switches and circuit breakers, custom seals, self-sealing screws, nuts, bolts, and washers.

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BEI Sensors – Sensata

Sensata – BEI Sensors manufactures a wide range of encoder products, including incremental and absolute encoder solutions, rotary optical encoders, magnetic encoders, Hall effect non-contact position sensors, contact potentiometers and other motion control products.

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Bivar is a leading specialty manufacturer of LED indication and LED lighting products and solutions. LED indication products include: LED mounts and holders, LEDs, light guides/pipes, board mount LED assemblies, panel mount LED assemblies and light engine modules.

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Bud Industries

Leading manufacturer of high-quality enclosures and related products for the electronics and data industries. From small, hand-held boxes to large cabinet racks. Products made from both plastic and metal, many of which meet NEMA and seismic requirements. Bud can make simple modifications to most enclosures to meet your specifications within one week. Custom product and complete design support available.

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Miniature toggle, rocker/paddle, alternate action and momentary pushbutton, lighted rocker, DIP, thumbwheel, solid state, keylock, snap action and sealed switches. Slide, rotary and rocker switches. Surface-mount and through-hole tact switches, domes, key, push-button and power switches. Rotary and coded switches and slide switches. Smart Card connectors and SIM/SAM.

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Crydom – Sensata

Category: Relays

PCB-mount, panel-mount and DIN-Rail mount AC/DC solid-state relays, power modules, I/O modules, high-voltage relays, AC/DC solid-state contactors. Single and dual-channel AC and DC solid-state relays for motor controls. Custom control solid-state relays.

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ITT Cannon

D-Sub, RF, board-to-board and cable-to-PCB connectors. High-density, future-bus, plastic and metal circular, environmentally sealed, SMD and ultra-miniature, and a full offering of QPL connectors.

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Kavlico – Sensata

Sensata – Kavlico manufactures pressure sensors and transducers with three innovative sensing technologies: ceramic capacitive, piezo-resistive and silicon capacitive.

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Knight Electronics & Orion Fans

Knight Electronics: AC Power cords, standard and medical grades. Sourcing, design, manufacturing, assembly and shipping services to small, medium and large OEMs.

Orion Fans: Extensive line of AC fans, DC fans, fan trays, fan accessories and blowers. Quickest response, largest available fan inventory, shortest lead times and competitive pricing.

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Spring-loaded connectors, SIP, DIP, PGA and BGA sockets, PLCC sockets, pin headers and board-to-board interconnects, available in both surfacemount and through-hole. PCB pins, receptacles, solder terminals, wrapost receptacles and swage mount pins. Application-specific products tailored to meet exacting non-standard requirements. Tape and reel options available.

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Vacuum fluorescent displays and modules, custom and standard character or graphics, development kits. 4.3″, 5″, 7” and 10.1″ TFT LCD with PCap touch panels, custom glass capacitive touch switches with high definition photo lithographic etching and EMI shield windows for display modules.

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Industrial application TFT LCD products, including sunlight readable LCDs, industrial-grade full-HD displays, and a vast array of other specifications. Memory LCD products are designed for rugged wide-temperature performance in wearable, battery operated, and other small-screened devices.

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TDK Lambda

Category: Power Supplies

A leading manufacturer of a wide range of AC-DC power supplies and DC-DC converters for industrial, COTS, medical, telecom, datacom, and test & measurement.

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Thermal switches and controls. Thermistors, varistors, NTCs and PTCs.

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Zero Manufacturing

Quality, deep-drawn and fabricated aluminum and molded plastic cases, enclosures and assemblies for the aerospace, industrial, medical, electronics and telecommunications markets. Ensuring safe transport and viability of valuable equipment and electronics, without compromise. Standard products available and the ability to engineer/manufacture any protection solution from scratch!

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