Neonode Expands Its Touch Sensor Offering

January 28th, 2020

Neonode Inc., the optical interactive sensing technology company, is pleased to announce it is expanding its line of touch sensors.

Neonode has established its line of sensor modules as the go-to component for adding touch input, on any surface and in-air, to new and existing products. This new type of touch sensor is intended to be mounted on the side of the touch surface – enabling new levels of design freedom and allowing for integration in a wider range of applications.

The new touch sensors are available at in nine lengths, to support interaction areas from 3” to 16” diagonally.

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C&K Launches New 16mm Panel Mount LED Sealed Pushbutton Switch

January 22nd, 2020

C&K, the leading manufacturer of high reliability electromechanical switches, today announced the launch of its new PLP16 16mm panel mount LED sealed pushbutton switch, the latest product in the LED pushbutton family of C&K’s product offering.

The new PLP16 switch is equipped to withstand ruggedized applications and works seamlessly in challenging industrial settings, making it a perfect choice for use in the newest industrial control panels, off-road transportation, production control indicators, and industrial machinery equipment designs.

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Mill-Max Manufacturing Corp., Inc. announces the release of a new pre-wired spring connector

January 21st, 2020

Mill-Max Manufacturing Corp., Inc. announces the release of a new pre-wired spring-loaded connector, a two-position header with crimp terminated wires. This product combines high quality Mill-Max spring-loaded pogo pins with the convenience of a 12” pig-tail to suit a wide variety of applications. The new spring loaded cable assembly is a cost-effective solution when a wired connection is required in an electrical assembly.

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